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May 04, 2008



This does makes Lakewood look pretty lame.
I wish I could come to Homburg and buy tin signs and bottles and numbers.
Aren't you supposed to be calling me?
It's 11:38am and I've already been up for 20 minutes!
Another sigh.

Just Plain Jane

What a lucrative outing that was! I'd be thrilled with any one of your finds, but taken all together it's swoon producing! I can barely wait to see what you find in June. Good luck.


Ok, I give up, flying the white flag already and I haven't even put my snorkel on yet! Your purchases are each perfect in their own unique way. But the BEST is your would take me HOURS to pose my dog Blue in so many different endearing and adorable ways.
What is the doggie's name? I'm sure we're on first name basis by now, aren't we?


I don't know how to tell you this, but that dog is a bit of a camera whore.


He can't help it if he know how to work that camera op.

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