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May 16, 2008



I feel quite melancholy myself after reading this post. You know, I think some people go through their entire lives never actually seeing what is around them. Your TALENT for seeing and recording should never be taken for granted, rather it should be admired and applauded. THAT is why I keep dropping by for a chat, that and the pastries, of course.

P.S. That elderly couple really remind me of my grandparents. Right now I'm beginning to worry that I will be that woman giving orders with the apron on. Gee, that melancholia is catching.

P.P.S. Please don't say that you may stop blogging when you move back home, wherever that may be, because if that's the case then I am THIS close to opening that can of woop-ass (which is now my family's favourite phrase).


Please tell me you're not leaving Germany next month. I enjoy your little German village so much!


Tuli, Still at least two more years left.

I'm just being overly-dramatic, I guess.


I think it's an incredible opportunity to be able to live someplace so different, for however long (which is one of the reasons we rent houses when we travel) and you have been smart enough to savor your time there.
I suppose, in three years, you will look back on Fridays at Trafo with a sad smile - but who knows where you will be then?
I'm voting for Tokyo.


Woo -- two more years of Little German village!

Please...document your stay there to your heart's content. I'll be here, reading your posts and wishing I, too, could have a German adventure. (Especially on the first Saturday of every month. I'm insanely envious of that fantastic flea market.)


i've been lurking for a bit and just wanted to say hello and echo everyone else's admiration and joy at your posts! you're inspiring me to take more photos of where i am, because there are so many little things to enjoy every day.

enjoy those divine looking pastries!


The woman in the couple definitely rules. It's all in their body language, in fact.
It'll be wonderful to go through these posts when you'll be away (Tokyo it is?) and then you'll have a new place to show us all!
A question for you though: the whole post was so sweet, why did you have to turn so defensive on those pastries??? Sharing...don't must share...
What are they planing, do you know? We just planted tomatoes of various species, eggplants, bell peppers, pumpkin and zucchini. For now.



Sorry 'bout that.

Pastries make me a bit primal sometimes. My animal instincts take over when they're around.


I enjoy your life vicariously and I think you make it more special because of its impermanence. Those cunning gardens, sweet scenes of ordinary life, darling barns ... sigh. I thank you for this blog because it lets me pretend and imagine a bit every day.

Alice C

This is a great post - your mission statement! I love the opportunity to visit and be part of your village - to admire the woodpiles and the gnomes and the amzing scenery. Just as well that the pastry van doesn't come as far as ChezMagpie or there wouldn't be any left for you.


It is such a gift to us to be able to escape our own lives and take part in yours.

Taking photos everyday (as I do too ) sharpens all your senses which I love!

Paula B

I've been popping in to visit for a few weeks now...and love meandering about German town and countryside with eurolush! You manage to make an ordinary day extraordinary. I want to relish my everyday surroundings in a similar manner. I think this is one reason why I love having small children...they experience such wonder over whatever they encounter. And the bonus, you can get away with far more when your children are there beside you! Just try lying prone in the grass, intently observing a busy family of ants without children nearby and see the assortment of looks you will gather from passersby! LOL

Thanks so much for opening up a window onto your world. I love peeking in!


It's not where you are, it's the way you look at where you are.

What? YES, I'm sober. GOD.

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