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June 07, 2008



Nice dead animals.

Alice C

"Getting things done ahead of time is for wimps"

(that is a BIG kiss for you)
because I am going to use that phrase for the rest of my life.


OMG! Great-grandma Bucher, is that you? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!


I love the JK Rowling speech, thanks eurolush. Looking back on my younger years, there were things I didn't attempt because I was afraid of failure. That was a failure in itself. Oh god, can you tell I'm in a melancholy mood? Sorry. Where's a good imagination when you need one?

Moving right along....Das Rote Kapchen is awesome. Also awesome sucker punch, you go girl!

Now, listen up eurolush and badger, if you learn NOTHING else from your Aussie blogging mates please learn this. You DO NOT "grill" outside, nor do your "have a cook-out", you HAVE A BARBEQUE.

And avagoodweekend.


Eleanor, dude, NEVER tell a Texan what does and does not constitute a barbecue. NEVER. We WILL cut a bitch, and then go right back to our beef ribs and beer.

Just Plain Jane

Good for you, proving you were in fine flea market mettle. 18 years ago we were part of a tour group of antique toy collectors and the itinerary involved several European flea markets. I was totally out of my element........great longing, but pitiful bargaining skills and no knowledge of the language. I still have vivid memories of the experiences, though and the longing hasn't disappeared.


Badger just scared the hell out of me, and I thought she looked so cute.


Eurolush: Once again, I am ENVIOUS of your time at the Homburg flea market. Fantastic finds. Have you thought of lining the metal baskets with some pretty cloth? You could use them for rolled-up towels when you have visitors.
I linked to you and this post today.

Eleanor: I lived in Texas for a while and learned that Texans are DEAD SERIOUS when it comes to preparing meat outside. Since I live in Michigan now, I have cook outs because none of my grilling involves smoking of the meat, nor basting it in really delicious sauce. BARBEQUES, as I recall, are quite involved and require much consumption of beer. (Sometimes I REALLY miss Texas.)

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