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October 30, 2008



Look at the size of those doughnuts!! *drool*

Reasons not to move to Germany include: Drive by Bakeries.


Frau Müller, you are a temptress! You are a seducer of skinny girls and wanna-be skinny girls everywhere! Your Golden Pastry Chariot sings a siren's song from over 4100 miles away. One of these days, Frau Müller, you and I shall meet and the meeting shall be DIVINE.

Save me one of those braided powdered-sugar coated thingies. Hell. Save me a dozen.

You minx.


I once heard that Chinese request burping to assess meal was good


What does it say about me that my favorite photo is the one with the veritable FLEET of arrows? They look like a formation of cute little planes. All zeroing in on their juicy targets. Wait, that sounds sort of violent. I can't seem to stop typing. Antsy, wondering where the bleep my 11:00 client is...How do these people think I'm going to be able to support my chocolate habit if they don't show up and cough up the dough? Dough...pastries...we've come full circle. It is finished. And I've managed to write an entire blog post at YOUR blog. Forgive me.

Green Girl

Oh if we had drive-by pastries I'd be a blimp.




Damn it.
Hungry now and it's 10:10 pm, there's not a pastry in sight and I'm in bed.

Alice C

Not a good post to read before breakfast because now I will have to send MrM up to the garage to get chocolate croissants and doughnuts.

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