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February 01, 2009



You are G.I. Jane. Nothing will stop you.
BTW you don't sound OR look sick to me, YO (Badger style), you look adorable just as your usual skinny sweet self.


I love your bright yellow coat and blue scarf -- they brightened my day!


I love your shoes flying off. It made me crack up, and I'm not a big laugher. Hope you feel better soon!


A yellow coat and a turquoise scarf? That is just lovely.

You don't sound well - so thank you for making this effort for us!

The shoes disappearing into the ether is hilarious!


You made me laugh at 7:30 am on a Monday morning....that has never happened before in my family thanks you!!


The cuteness.
It kills me.

(okay, maybe not KILL, but definitely leaves me weak)

Miz S

Also weak, here. In my knees.


You're not sick! You wanna see sick? I'll SHOW YOU sick. Well no, actually I won't. But I COULD. And it would be SICK. And you would cry.


For a sick girl, you can jump!

green girl

Your video was so flakey. Hahaha. I crack myself up sometimes.
I did the same thing with library books--I loved knowing when they were last read and who read them before me. Then the damn library had to go all private and computerized, robbing me of that small pleasure.

Brian Cole

slip-on (slĭp'ŏn', -ôn')
n. A garment easily donned or removed.
slip'-on' adj.

Why are they called slip-on when they slip off so easily, I wonder?

The Coffee Lady

You clearly know nothing about ill. I'm with Badger. You're a charlatan.


Green hat. Blue scarf. Yellow coat (awesome, by the way. is it vintage?). Black pants. Black flying shoes. And STRIPEY socks!!! I totally need to take a lesson from you on how to dress because my jeans and long-sleeve t-shirts just aren't as cute as that outfit!

Feel better soon.

Sarah S.

I am loving all your beautiful coats :)


And look how nicely Tex sits with his leash on! Such good manners. I'm rethinking his impending marriage to Clover. She may be too much woman for him.


Nice socks.

Jackie Joy

You are so LOVELY in that yellow coat with turquoise accessories!

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