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Hallo, und so weiter. That's me looking slightly crazed in the photo over there, with my faithful walking companion and fellow spy, Tex.
Just behind us is the cutest, most adorable German village, surrounded by farm fields and rolling green hills. I live there. And I love it.
This blog is my little world where I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on living in Germany. Also, I'll tell you things about myself--like how much I want to be the pretend mayor of my adorable village. (True.) And how my walks with the dog are really reconnaissance missions. (Totally true). And how I'm taking two German classes, with two very different teachers--one who listens and THEN corrects me, and one who begins talking in a VERY LOUD VOICE CORRECTING ME WHILE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE STRUGGLING TO FINISH BECAUSE SHE IS GERMAN AND SOMETIMES GERMANS CAN BE THIS WAY. (Sad, but true.)

In addition, I may occassionally refer to the members of my family, who have aided me in devouring as many German pastries as possible in the last year.

"Members of the Family"=

ME, eurolush, 38, lover, fighter, drinker: Pastry-preference: "THE STREUSEL"

Mr. Lush, Man o' the House, 39, Pastry- preference: "THE SCHNECKEN"

Master Lush, First Born = 15 year old son, XBox Junkie, Pastry-preference: "THE SCHOKO"


Miss Lush, Second Born = 12 year old daughter, Computer Hacker/Artist, Pastry-preference: "THE PUDDING"

Thanks for checking in on us in Germany. We hope you'll come back to visit now and then. There are plenty of pastries to share.

As long as you keep your paws off my Streusel.



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