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May 05, 2008



I am already shamelessly flirting with his picture....shameless I am. I want to say that he can clean my chimney any day...but I won't...because you might think badly of me...oops...but I just did...sorry!

By the way, Nemo has gone all Hollywood and won't have his photo taken for less than $1,000. But I snapped some of his buddies who knew him when....I shall update you once the damn floor stops rocking back and forth.

From being on the boat. No, I have not been drinking. Yet.


I am rather fascinated by what he has between his legs. Is that a bad thing to admit? :)


In my pathetic attempt to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that is less than perfect in GERMANY I have noted that his shirt is dirty.


Really dirty.


My chimney is dirty. Does he make house calls to Wisconsin?


Oh my.


How fun! I love the last several pictures you posted--the stream, the spring scene--you're killing me, Eurolush!


Oh man, and I just realized, that when men make "service calls" in America, we're forced to experience the phenomena known as "plumber butt". The Germans, with their nifty little tunic, eradicate that problem. More jealousy.


Is he limited to working in Germany, or do you think he could be persuaded to come to Malmö, Sweden and do some sweeping?


Yeah, don't think we didn't notice that borderline obscene pose, there. You asked him to do that, didn't you? Just for us? He seems awfully proud of his ... er, coil.


Wow, you did get lucky!

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