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May 08, 2008



I'm not a dog person, but that little guy is too cunning for his own good. I'd totally dognap him. I love your morning outfit--and going along on your tromp. I do think the creepy playground is proof that there is a dark side to living in German.


You are so damn cute.
Is it bad that I'm slightly thrilled that your children aren't perfect?


Tex is adorable! And so is your German village. And so are you! (Does anyone else think she looks like Geena Davis in that picture?)

In that first picture, what is the gold stuff on the horizon?


Tuli, It's fields of safflowers off in the distance.


Safflowers! Thanks for the info.


I am here through Eleanor and was reading along thinking No she is describing me in the mornings with my three - not her, me !

Then I see the picture of the Westie. We had a Westie - a girl - no longer with us I am afraid. We had another dog - a mini schnauzer - whose name was Tex. A convoluted naming process was involved there but that little German boy was called Tex nevertheless.

Such spooky coincidences mean that I am now putting off getting the kids out of bed to face the morning horror and reading back through your archives.


Ok, this is now my new favourite post. Yes, I play favourites, and even though I have adored the other posts, they cannot come even close to this one.

I want to take this post and kiss it on both cheeks, and then put it into one of those digital frames that changes the photo like a slide-show, I KNOW you know what I mean. And then I want to put it on my kitchen counter so that while I am doing all that hideous stuff I do in my kitchen (endlessly) I can see this post over and over again.

Now...I also need to say...AMEN!!! to the first bit about the school schedule. You are so super-cute, and your look totally matches the way you write. I heart Tex. The uniform is perfect. Please tell your sister that the "middle-aged woman doing step aerobics" is actually my signature move. I vote for the mushroom puff pastry, what wine will you be serving with that?

Anna of Helylle

You are hilarious! And I mean that in a good way.


After you showed us your childhood pics I find you turned out exactly as I thought you would. You were an adorable child and are now a lovely woman. And I agree with Eleanor, your looks match the way you write.
And your hound is HILARIOUS (said one who doesn't go crazy for dogs...).

Just Plain Jane

That was fun.

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