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June 09, 2008



My eyes! My eyes are BLEEDING from all the BEAUTY that is Germany. Cripes.

What a wonderful description of your day. Am amazed that you have to have your photos taken prior
to going to the licensing place. What a pain.

Have seen a couple of Smart Cars in my area. Hopefully we're catching on to the European idea that some of us (i.e. single folk w/ no kids) just don't NEED huge-ass cars/SUVs. Also, saw one at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005 - they had it hanging on a wall.


Every one of these shots is a postcard.


K so wants that damn Smart Car.
For years I have to listen to all the information he gathers about that damn Smart Car.

When we were in Paris, a few years ago, I told a driver, in my best high school French, that my husband loved his Smart Car - and the Frenchman? In perfect English, said: Don't buy it, it is a piece of shit.

He still pines.


I am going crazy in my head working out what to do to get away for three days let alone two months.

The photos are amazing - amazing - what a find!

And oh the romance of burping out "I love you!".


Why, oh why can't my part of the world have such beautiful things to photograph? Oh well. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you.

Question... What time do your kids get out of school there? When you said everything was closed until 2:00, all I could think of was whether you'd get home in time for the kids!

anna of helylle

No man could ever ask for a more sincere and honest declaration of love!

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