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October 08, 2008



You just crack me up - that is hilarious!

That last photo - should be published as a card!!

A couple of things - I always relax by thinking that if I have forgotten anything I can always buy it...

And Periogard is no longer available here.

And have a gorgeous time - I am away for 10 days or so and will catch up with all your news when I get back.



Oh do have fun in Paris, won't you?

Travel safe.

Green Girl

Ah, but he'll miss Paris! I can't wait to hear all about it.


Such problems!


That last photo cracks me up!!!


Camera!!! Don't forget the camera!!!



Mary sent me. How I have enjoyed visiting your wonderful blog. Love your dog! Love your pictures. I have always wanted to visit Germany.


I miss you already.


Bon Voyage!


All righty....where is everybody? I'm the front door, with my little bag packed, my ticket, my there anybody ici? s'il vous plait? I said...merci...comment ca va....Impressive, I know, please, don't mention it, yes...languages come so easy to moi.

What do you mean it's a FAMILY trip? What am I? Chopped liver? Did my MOTHER not welcome you to her new year table like FAMILY? When you moved into my library did I turn around and so "No, I'm sorry Eurolush, the library is only open to FAMILY"?????

I see. Very well then. I understand. Leave me and Tex behind...maybe by the time you come back Tex will be MY DOG? Maybe, while you are away Tex and I will hop into that wooden canoe and row, row, row our boat merrily down the glan. I think Tex may like to pose for photos for ME for a change. Excuse me...I must go...Tex and I have some beautiful walks to go on, and lovely autumn leaves to admire, and warm sunspots to nap in.

Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. (That's my EVIL laugh).


Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing the pics!


I agree - Tex should be on a greeting card...have a wonderful time - Paris is gorgeous (I appreciated it even through my 11 year old eyes, which was a loooong time ago) Can't wait to see and hear all about it.

Alice C

The reason why Tex looks so cool about being abandoned is because he is planning to spend the entire time on the Internet cruising dogblogs.


Aw, he *does* look smart! His dangling leash attachment gives the impression he's got a chain holding his glasses on.

Miz S

*sniff* I miss my old Westie.


cute dog!!!!

and Paris? stunning.

have an amazing time and report bag. We'll read about it jealously.

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