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October 15, 2008



That crowd scene reminds me of Bastille Day 1985, just without the fireworks and the teenaged revelers who yank you off your feet (shudder) and the packed-like-sardines Métro and my gelato toppling out of its cone onto the sidewalk (sob). Glad you made it triumphantly to the Tower (aka Giant Phallic Symbol, if I may be so bold).


Or perhaps I should say Giant GALLIC Phallic Symbol...

(feel free to ban me from your blog now)


I see it! I see the Arc!

The photos from the tower are by far my favorites of the Eurolush Vacation.

But your tale of crossing the bridge? I can see Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo attempting that. Ellen and Clark, ya know? Are you sure you weren't there planning scenes for National Lampoons?

I had a wonderful time in Paris. Thanks for bringing me along.

Just Plain Jane

Oh, yes, it was a lovely visit. I'd never, at this stage of my life, be able to do all that walking and climbing, so it was a special treat to see it throught the eye of your camera. Many thanks!


simply lovely - I saw the Arc as well - did you keep your hand on your purse and/or wallet on the ride up the tower? I remember being told to do that back in the 1970's in many, many languages right before the elevator took off...(pickpocketing must have been very popular, even then - thanks for the slide show...

Green Girl

Clutching your scarf tipped me off that you were a bit...anxious.


Sacre bleu! Merde! Pinot noir! I was not bored by this AT ALL. My favorite part was the catacombs, yo. I am afraid of heights, so today's photos gave me a little bit of vertigo. I had to take a pill. So, thanks for that.


I could not stand on anything up that high or my heart would burst with fear and I would die. Instantly.

Seriously. Instantly. Then you'd feel bad for making me go up there.


I am still full of energy, plus I have absolutely no fear of heights. Clearly I am your ideal Paris-touring companion. I have the stamina. I have no fear. Oh, and I totally understood your subtle hint about the sleeping arrangements. My bad. I swear it will never happen again.

P.S. How's Tex?


Damn, I tried to be as quiet as I could, but I guess you did feel my presence in between. Sorry, I had to tag along. I had (actually HAVE) never been to Paris.
Yeah, I know. BOO.
Tks for the tour. It was impressive and marvelous and boy were you lucky with the weather!
I too am missing Sir Hound.


I am disappointed to read that you didn't do a quick 20km when you found yourself in the starting pack. The Lush family could have had a wonderful family portrait taken crossing the finish line clutching your carnets, water bottles and metro maps looking flushed and confused asking 'ou est la tour eiffel?'.
Thanks for letting us tag along!

Jordans Sneakers

I understand what you are saying, but you just seem to have forgotten that there are some other people in the world who view this issue for what it really is and may not agree with you. You may be turning away a lot of people who might have been fans of your blog.

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