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October 14, 2008



Man, am I ever TIRED! But I saw some gorgeous art and got to giggle at the tiny thing that is Napoleon's coat. :)


Dang, you people covered some ground! In fact, I'm pretty sure you saw more in two days than I saw in a whole month of studying at (the) l'université de Paris! Of course, I spent most of my time eating gelato at Le Glacier Moderne. Priorities...


Oh, Eurolush, you DO make me laugh!! You also make me smile, sigh, ponder and travel through time and space.

I think each of your photos is a beautiful short story, some of them are also poems, and a couple are limericks.

The Empire of the Dead...I love that sign. I cannot BELIEVE those bones and skulls. I love the angle of Miss Lush's head as she looks at the angled heads of the parasol women. I am stunned at the huge space of the Musee D'Orsay. The water lillies room, unbelievable. The photo of Le Tour d'Eiffel (did I say it right?hehe) is so beautifully captured with the trees and lamp-post. Oh, and Eurolush, frumpy is NOT a word I would ever use to describe you. I think you look tres chic!

P.S. Hello Mr. Lush, the night-time photo you took is fabulous!


I've almost had enough.
When do you go home?


God. I couldn't get up after that breakfast. Burp. Pardon moi!

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Paris is such a magical place!

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