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October 13, 2008



so....very....jealous...and happy for you at the same time...gorgeous


I can't wait for day two!

(I watched Amélie this weekend so I could have a tiny glimpse of Paris myself. To have been there in person, though, would've been so much better!)


Thanks so much for letting me tag along. What did we have for lunch?

Smalltown Mom

Lovely. I'll be back tomorrow for day 2.


Eurolush, Eurolush, Eurolush. Those photographs are works of art. I am stunned. Overwhelmed and so so happy. I was going to pick a favourite photograph, but I couldn't decide. I also love the order in which you placed the photos. The light, the light, the light! So so beautiful. I was in Paris once when I was 10, for a two day stopover with my family on the way to a new country and a new home, and all I remember is being miserable. I now have a brand new memory of Paris. Thanks Eurolush.

P.S. Welcome back.


Thank you for sharing your photos of Paris with us. I thoroughly enjoyed day 1 and can't wait until day 2. I don't imagine I'll ever get there so it's nice to see photos of what I would see.


I just finished making a post about my own weekend a folksy little midwestern hillbilly crafts festival. HA -- when worlds collide! It's been almost two decades since my last tour of Gay Paree...Your photos brought pangs of nostalgia (as well as memories of the torture of those cathedral steps). Looking forward to the Musée d'Orsay coverage -- I love that joint! Thanks for sharing...


The statue-in-Notre-Dame picture is stunning. I love the open window and cut out view of the world outside, lighting up the sepulchre sculpture!


Julia has really captured that photo in her comment above!

Every photo has so much to offer. I'm especially revelling in the beauty of the shot of the spire with the three musicians' shadows down at its base.


As I predicted a week or so ago. Paris. Blah Blah Blah...
But I am so happy that you could enjoy it, after the bickering of course. Isn't it amazing when you visit places aloen and then you realize it's all different when you do with your family.
Missed you.

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