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November 29, 2008



Okay, am I the only dork who is actually CRYING at this point?

Happy, happy, happy, happy...

(Note to self: must never meet Eurolush in person, because I know I would not fare as well in the GIANT close-up photo department...)


Yes, she is! And I've been enjoying getting to know you too through Alice's blog. Hope the rest of your London visit was equally super--although it would be hard to top a visit to Hampton Court with Alice. And you even got Miss M into the maze! K x


Indeed, she IS wonderful.

I will tell you, from experience, that the BEST way to meet a blogger is:
1. alone
2. in a foreign city
3. over alcohol

and, even then, you will find that it takes DAYS to ask all you want to ask and see all you want to see and learn all you want to learn.
So. I'm hoping you are booking tickets to Tuvalu sometime.


- but leave your camera in Germany.


Thank you dear Eurolush and thank you dear Alice.

I was there with you every step of the way, pulling on your coat-tails for attention, running through the maze with the kids and shouting "last one out is a rotten egg," sneaking bites of the chocolate cake, and insisting that Mr. Eurolush take one more and one more and one more photo as I check each one for any evidence of my own chin hair and lady moustache.

What a great day!

Alice C

hmmm...*blush*...not sure that anyone in my family would recognise this charming person.

However, thanks to you, Ms. Eurolush, I have finally realised a long term ambition - to have 'bangs' - which puts me in the same category as the March girls and Anne of Green Gables. My 'fringe' isn't quite as romantic and has been retired.

The Coffee Lady

were you two having a 'I've got the best scarf' contest?


I loved every single word of this and the photos and every single word again.....


I read all that with a huge big grin on my face. And how wonderful to SEE Alice!

Hooray to you both. I loff you! Ja!


PS. The lady moustache isn't THAT noticeable. Stop your fussing, girl.


oh yes, I've me the lovely Alice too on a couple of occasions... and YES she has the loveliest accent/voice. Makes me want to take elocution lessons!!

Next time you're in the country... it's my turn!! I'll show you the gorgeous Cotswalds Hills. Or maybe Shakespeare's place?


Oh, that brought a tear to my eyes!

You are both the most beautiful girls on earth!
How lucky to have an Alice-hug?

Sarah S.

Oh it sounds like you had the nicest time. I wish I had been there!

I love the pictures! She looks exactly as I imagined! I hope someday I will be so lucky!

(I knew MissM would be stylish I just knew it!)


What a treat! And, can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.


this sounds like the most perfect time ! friends family and chocolate cake - the recipe for a great day!

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