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December 04, 2008


Harriet M. Welsch

My son was so terrified of Santa when he was little that he wouldn't go anywhere near him and even the excitement about presents could not induce him to go downstairs on Christmas morning without an escort. But my mother still has the photo of me sitting on Santa's lap at age 3. That was the year I was so scared that I hauled off and socked Santa hard enough to give the man a bloody nose. Sorry, Santa! I didn't mean it! Every now and then it shows up on a family Christmas letter with the caption, "Baby's first brawl."


It's 6am here and I'm laughing, and I'm not a morning person so that's quite something!.

P.S. You have Harriet The Spy in your comment box!! I knew she'd grow up to be a blogger!


Is it wrong that I find these pictures so funny?


The poor darlings! I love that your mother seems more concerned about Santa's wellbeing than your own. Thanks for the laugh!


I loved number 22 best of all!

The Coffee Lady

oh that made me howl

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