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February 19, 2009



Le Sigh indeed.

You have captured in your photos what I love about European cities in the winter - I love them all cold and grey and the bare leaved trees - because they make the bars and cafes with their warmth and red lamps all the more enticing..


"I want to rub the Mons monkey!" she said in a breathless rush.

The Coffee Lady

so you ARE turning into a little old lady who doesn't like change and the modern way!

the fact that I agree with you proves that I, too, am turning into a little old lady who doesn't like change and the modern way.



Your blog is so freaking educational. I had NO IDEA Chi-Chis was international! None! I feel so enlightened now.


(snicker) You said mons. Not once but a whole buncha times.


What a wonderful place to live! I loved the description of the belfry, and I know G would love the beer glasses. And, yes, I completely agree with you about the Chi-Chis... K x


We were planning a trip to Belgium last weekend as well, but Wil's last minute trip to TX derailed that plan. Now we have your detailed tour-in-pictures as our guide! Glad to see you had a wonderful time!

Sarah S.

Oh I agree the pictures are just lovely! I got a little chuckle out of the bit about Napoleon :)


I love that I can visit Belgium through your blog and great photos! I already want to move to Germany from seeing the village where you live. I keep telling hubby I feel the need to move to Germany, the land of my ancestors is calling me. So he said what about the French, British and Irish parts of me. Um... I guess it's because I have more German and that is overpowering the rest. You think? lol

Alice C

Gasp! Fancy me writing about Napoleon at exactly the same time that you are looking at monkeys!! What does this mean??Does it prove that I am telepathic?


and yet all the Chi's-Chi's HERE have closed due to a little salmonella scandal a few years back that killed a few people. Huh. Don't eat the scallions.

These pics are all lovely and whatnot, and you are too adorable for words (and might I mention your FLAT stomach - green with envy), but could you pretty pretty please post photos of your TEN new Persephone books?


sooooo... please explain... how come you grew up in Belgium? I'm confused.

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Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

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