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February 17, 2009


Sarah S.

Beautiful pictures! Wow I could spend a week there just eating!


Beer club! I'm in!

Brussels is a beautiful city.


Looks great! Leonidas chocolates are my favorite!!


Glorious pictures! Waffles and frites next door to each other! Paradise! Next time, some lace n'kay?


Frites in paper cones - suddenly I'm 9 all over again - my favorite thing ever was what was inside those paper cones in Germany as a kid - never could embrace the mayo, though - strictly ketchup for this girl...wonderful pictures -


First, one small request. Could you please refrain from posting pictures of chocolate AND beautiful food in the same entry? My computer is now awash in drool. Also, I think I might have fainted.

I will TOTALLY join your beer club! And I have just enough french and german to have absolutely no idea what that sign says.

Miz S

You are international woman of mystery. Or perhaps, an international woman of gluttony. Either way, you're so damn cute I could pinch those cheeks.


I just foudn out I'm Belgian for when I eat "frites" (mayeb once a year though) its' ONLY with mayo.
Beer club: count me in, stat.
You are damn international indeed.
Mmmmh, gaufres...


Pass the frites.


Beer club! Frites club! Waffle club! It's all good. I'm so there.

green girl

Okay, my girlish figure be damned, I'm IN next time you go there!

Soft Rock Mama

I'll join your beer club. Oh, that could be fun.
Thank you for the tour.
I love your photographs.
The buildings are so beautiful, the market too.
I really enjoy reading and looking at your blog.

Rosie Graham

Neuhaus and beer, what a combination, just can't beat it!

Alice C

Oh! How embarassing ... I just licked the screen...


Beer club sounds like a super idea - a great excuse to try out some of the tiny breweries over here and read about your German (and Belgian) finds!

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