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April 11, 2009



I've seen people doing that mad thing on the Cliffs of Moher and like you, I could barely watch. It's like they're competing to win the Darwin Award or something. Glad to see you're safely behind a fence in the photo.


Re: the cliffs. We call it "thinning the herd." Great pics. Thanks. Someday I will get to Ireland....


I rode a bike around the Dingle Peninsula 157 years ago, but the only pics I took were of ruminants and a lazy slug oozing across the road. Yours = much better.

Question: In the ogham stone photo, is that a fairy orb in front of your tummy or (Officially Starting a Rumor Here) do you have a bun in the oven???!!!!??? (Welcome "home!")


Lynn--The only "bun" in my "oven" is a Cinnabon. Jesus. I'm never eating again.


It's the babyspirit orb!!! The mystical glowing white light! In FRONT of your (flat, 17 inches in diameter) tummy.

Hoo boy, am I ever in trouble now...


Does no one else see that globe of light???? Please!! Help me out here!!!!!


One last thing: at least I made you a cheerful pastry-eating hippo and not a weathered rhino with maniacal eyes...


Oh, Lynn, you're in TRUBBLE.


Lynn--You will be forgiven, but only if you send a very large box filled with chocolate (dark, please) and write a Shakespearean sonnet about my stunning good looks.

Love, Happy Hippo


Is that drinky drink going to be a Guinness by any chance?! I spent a year studying at Trinity in Dublin and my one trip to Dingle was gray and wet as well--but it looks like you had some sun too--fantastic!

And yes, Lynn, I do see the orb, but I'm just discreet enough not to mention it!

K x


Welcome home!
Beautiful snaps! I especially like the 4th one down. I'm sure you were quite dignified, but I would've stood there, looking at all that beauty, and bawled like a baby.


oh, I too saw the glowing light...

I am so jealous.
I have another blog friend who is FROM that part of Ireland. Such a beautiful place!

Happy easter to yoooooou


I saw that glowing light too !

Those people on the cliffs gave me the screaming heebie jeebies.

Your photos are beautiful of course.

Happy Easter dear Irish German American friend..

Spruce Hill

Oh my what a wonderful trip. I am so jealous! The one place I want to go. Beautiful photos! I can not even imagine how beautiful it was in real life!


How much fun is THAT?? It's official: I'm hiring you to plan our trip to Ireland next summer. Only I have to go way up north, Malins Head, where my family is originally from, 'kay? Also, could you come along and take our vacation snapshots? Thanks~


I love your trips, they bring us so many nice photos and descriptions and info and laughter and joy! Followed by hooplas (uh Lynn?).
Happy Easter to all of you Eurolushes and friends.


Oh that looks lovely. I love all that rugged beauty.

Meanwhile, it's bucketing down here in Sydney.

Thanks for visiting. Eleanor is really teasing you isn't she...we had a great night last Thursday.


Teasing you? Moi? NEVER. I am sharing the love.

And it's SO GOOD to have you back in blogland!!!!!

P.S. I really like your boots in all those photos. I know I'm really shallow...but could you do a shoe post one of these days and feature those boots please?

green girl

one of my all time favorite places I ever visited was Ireland. I bought myself a lovely painting of the Cliffs of Moher--no dangling cliffside for a shot that would turn out blurry for this chick!

Alice C

The reason why they are all attempting to jump off the Cliffs is to escape all the weird people trying to sell things like Celtic Sarongs and ElectroHarp music.

So glad that you are safely home. You were obviously invigorated by the trip because I spy you in your new header HOLDING UP A TREE. Your dedication to nature knows no bounds.

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