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April 05, 2009



Sistah girl,
Don't be homesick, little biscuit. You will be here in (less than) two months! And we're going to have crazy fun - you & me & M & D & K & MJ & M & J & B & B & M & RDCS III & Tex & Mattie. There will be Sunday dinners and Fourth of July races and lots of sitting on the back porch and tinkering around in Mom's craft room. See, the possibilities are endless.
I Googled where you're staying in the motherland. It looks nice. Drink some kind of dark, smoky beer for me. Then another, and another and another. Then complain about having an inexplicably bad headache and take a three hour nap. That's what I would do.


Just thought I'd point out that I got my comment in FIRST this time.
Everyone else, wait in line.


Not that I'm competitive.
But, seriously.


Poor B. Novice commentbox writers always think that position and quantity are of primary importance. It's a common mistake I see in almost all of my students.

Dearest E,
As you know so well, I have a permanent presence in your commentbox. To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupery's famous description of my commentbox presence:
"What is essential is invisible to the eye, It's only with the heart that you can see rightly."
What B cannot see, you and I both know - I am ALWAYS FIRST IN YOUR COMMENTBOX.


Sibling rivalry. It's so unattractive. Even if one of the siblings is a sibling-in-quotation-marks...

Well, anyway, just for the record, I am totally cool with wherever I land in the comment box. What's more, I was caring deeply about you in your absence, but had the class to hang back and be discreetly silent, allowing you your peace and privacy during your mysterious absence. Hope this gets me moved from the selfish bastard category to the super sweet one.


P.S. If I learn to do a craft or cook something, will you send your adorable mother to my blog? My husband cooks things. Does that count?

(Have a great time in the Land o' Green, you scoundrel you...)


Ignore her.

Wasn't Antoine de Saint-Exupery also the same guy who said, "That Eleanor, she's crazier than a box of spiders!"

Oh, sweet Eleanor. I will let you be FIRST - NUMBER ONE - BEST today because it's your FIRST BIRTHDAY OF YOUR BLOG!!!!!! And for this, I award you a gold star, a cookie, a small speckled egg, a pencil sharpener, a cupcake... and a pony. Happy first birthday!

Now I'm going over to your blog to tell you why I love you so, even though you mock me.


can I have a pony too?

even though I was one of those who ignored you and carried on my life as though you didn't exist.

ps. why is Ireland the motherland? I thought you were a merkan.


pps. I'm still singing that dratted Mel Brooks song thanks to you. And it's early in the morning here (10am) so I'll have it in my head all the day long now.

thanks for that.


Yes, Suse, you can a pony, too.
But you will have to choose between the cupcake and the pencil sharpener and the speckled egg.


I have one word for you re your homesickness: SKYPE. Yesterday we (me and my parents) spent aprox 3 hours chatting and enjoying our silliness with him who's in DC fro another year and half.
Also, Ireland! More GREAT beer. Hooray!!!!!
B, I like you. A lot. There's no other way to put this.
And, before I forget, I would be following your mother's blog PRONTO. I am fascinated by craft, maybe becasue I am SO bad, I can't even sew a button!


E! Have so much fun in Ireland! I am positively GREEN with envy. Ireland is my dream vacation: A tiny little Irish town on the coast with a pub (one with NO TVs and a random and slightly crazy hoard of locals), wonderfully warm Irishpeople, and sheep. Lots of sheep with lots of wool. Maybe some stone walls, too. Oh, and a castle.

By the way, not to correct you, but Killians is brewed in America. You must try Smithwick's when in Ireland. (But don't pronounce it Smithwick's. Pronounce it smiticks.) It's a Guinness brew and positively yummy.

Travel safe!


Unless, of course, Killian's is ALSO brewed in Ireland - in which case, google sucks because I tried to verify if it was brewed there prior to my last comment. Either way - drink a Smithwick's for me!


Ireland in the spring.

Brian Cole

Thank heavens you're back.

I very much doubt if many (if any) of your followers would have been aware of my efforts to provide some photographs during your absence - but, putting aside the fact that I've nearly run out of scenes on the 'old' one, I'm almost at the point where I need to find a new route.

The Coffee Lady

if you found yourself on the north east coast of Ireland you could wave at me. If the Isle of Man wasn't in the way, of course. Damn that pesky Isle of Man.


I checked daily! I posted! I worried and wrung my hands, then Velcroed the back of my wrist to my forehead in a permanent stance of despair. I am totally in the camp of those who bemoaned your absence in a self-pitying and graceless fashion.


Suse has besmirched your heritage!
Look up merkin. It's a PUBIC HAIRPIECE.
And I won't even go into B and Eleanor flirting with each other.
From which County in Ireland do your relatives hail?
THAT is the proper question when inquiring about one's relationship with Ireland.
I'm just sayin'...


I checked daily as well! I have become accustomed and addicted to your raving ;)And..I will do ANYTHING for BEER and PASTERIES! Especially German BEER and PASTERIES! Just point the way to mom's blog. I too am a shameless mama's girl. I used to weep all the way home on the train when I left. Shameless I tell you. Also had a train wreck of a cry in the Frankfurt airport, but that's another story all together.

No shame in clinging to the parents. It's an admirable trait for us grown up girls. The grown up boys not so much.


Have a great time in Ireland! Looking forward to hearing the stories, and just remember, they really really care about rugby.

green girl

Ah, I always feel jealous, evil green slimy jealous of people who love their parents. Lucky you. Glad you had a good visit.
Happy spring!

Angela Recada

Hello Hello! Just found your blog - and I, too, heart Germany! I, too, have stubby legs and a giant behind (I blush) and dance around when I pour a glass of beer in the kitchen (or anywhere)! So glad I found your blog and all your faboo photos. It makes me sooooooo homesick for good old Deutschland.

I hope you had a delightful trip to Ireland. I'll be visiting your blog again often! Bis bald! Auf Wiedersehen!

Anna of Helylle

My head is spinning from all the comments of B and Suse and Eleanor, just can't keep track... Laughing a lot though, no matter who wrote it. Wishing you a happy Easter!


Did you know you are the only person in the world who can wear a daffodil yellow coat and get away with it?
Not only that, but look gorgeous?

I am jealous in triplicate because I have twin envy, don't live in Europe, and have parents on a different continent to myself.

Happy easter. May all its joys be upon you, particularly the chocolate kind.
Sorry I have been a little less than diligent with my blog reading, I promise to address this immediately.

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