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September 15, 2009



I'm going to go fix a cup of tea and re-read this post -- take a mind vacation of sorts.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Lucky you. What a view. *sigh*


What a gorgeous place! Hard to say if it is more beautiful in sunlight --crystal blue water, etc. -- or after dark -- magical lights everywhere. Maybe at dusk...

The Coffee Lady

I'm not going to even try.



Tuli has the right idea, I just read your post twice for the fun of the experience. So cool that you were there while the boats were taking the madonna back to the island!


Oh how beautiful --



Except for the photo of all of the Ghosts of Farrah Fawcetts past. They frighten me.




I'm breathless.


Hey, you ATE my comment!
Anyway all I said is THANK YOU for the extremely sweet and kind words you had for us. All the rest, nature provided.
Hugs and kisses to all Mr. Eurolush and young Lushes


Also, you have any ide awhy the feed is not working for me?
I'm hopeless in this ...


Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to begin! K x


Ack, you went to see Paola!

Ack, you went to Pompeii!!!! (I am immersed in Pompeii research right this very minute)


Okay. Beaches, beautiful scenery, old crap, whatever. But wait a minute... YOU GOT TO SEE PAOLA'S LEMON TREE IN PERSON?!


I hope you gave it an affectionate pat from me.

*Gorgeous* photographs! Especially night in the harbor: that one is just enchanting. As it sounds your entire visit was~ What a perfect end to summer! Lucky you!

Alice C

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I adore that photo of the harbour at sunset - just the image to hold in your heart in the cold days of January.


I'm glad you had a fab time in Italy. I'm always nervous when people holiday there as I want my country to leave a good impression.


And that is an unbelievable part of Italy too...


The view from the balcony was worth the trip on its own ! Throw in all that delicious food and good friends .....I don't know how they tore you away !


So beautiful! What a great trip, thanks for sharing it with us.
I've just added Positano to my list of places to visit :-)
And growing a lemon tree over a pergola to my list of things to do in the garden!

Miz S

I be jealous. But very happy for you.

Just Plain Jane

What a memory you constructed. Very sigh producing.


What wonderful photos! I love the stream of light in the family photo. I can almost smell those lemons, and feel the breeze on my face. Thanks for reminding me there are such beautiful places in the world.


Dear one,

We cannot thank you enough for your warm welcome and wine (well, we cannot thank you enough via email as it is a bit wonky to do from here).
I am thinking of you and hoping I am continuing your dream vacation. Do you need a gorgeous pair of Italian eyeglasses? I think you do - I shall have K buy them and I will wear them FOR you - if you follow me....




Those mannequins that you are standing under are probably older than you are. I remember them an odd 25years ago...At least something hasn't changed!

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