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September 21, 2009



It is too late for this so I probably shouldn't burden you. But this ( (Iraqi Bundles of Love)) would have been a great recipient for that fabric. Although it would have required a second mortgage to ship it there...

Great post! Want to come help me uncover my desk?


I think Tex is the one really in charge...he's got it all goin' on...

What an awesome space Mom has - I wish I had half that room to dedicate to "That Which Helps Me Maintain My Sanity" or "Dedicated Creative Space"...seems my kitchen table is not so handy in a practical sort of way - seems the family demands that they eat dinner EVERY NIGHT!! I KNOW - THE NERVE!!

Sounds like you had a great, productive, creative visit with the family...but, I must say, I'm soooooo glad you're back..

The Coffee Lady

Do you know, I can't tell a blind bit of difference.



I think a couple of reds got mixed in with the yellows on the bottom left shelf, it just jumps out at you, never mind. You did your best.

Kathy Woods

I would just love a space like that to sew and I would love to have all that fabric! How wonderfull. Well done to both of you in organising it all



Bless your heart! What a darn hard project, but hey, it looks AMAZING (that is if it is still like that ... )

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I'm aghast--that's a lotta fabric. And I am laughing at the idea of you in that quilt store facing those women...


Come over right this instant and make sense of my life. I'll ply you with beer. And pastries made by my husband, who bakes well and lived in Germany, so he's practically Frau Muller.

P.S. I wish people would command fussy ME to take naps. That would be nirvana.

Not Afraid To Use It

That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I am a sucker for organization, I just need to get better at it. A lot better.

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