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September 03, 2009



Oh, you are back! Really, truly back! My life just improved!


But I thought the pastry truck came to you?! So happy to have you back! K x


So glad to see you are back!!! I will be soon too, just waiting on my new computer (with all of my old pics safely restored!).

Happy start of school to the kids.



you must disguise the dog.
to be stealth like ninja.

Alice C

Dog I understand the significance of the blue cap.


I really like your blog! You get it, and it not all about you and how perfect your life is! Bravo!


Frau Mueller USED to go to Eurolush BUT Mr. Lush took advantage of the long absence Mrs. Eurolush took so as to bribe her to DISAPPEAR.
And that is why Eurolush is out on the hunt. With her disguised dog. Following strange men. ANYBODY could lead her to our Sacred Graal AKA Frau Mueller.


Frau Mueller is here with me, now, in Decatur.
She says she needs a little time off from you.

Never you mind her.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

He's hunting mushrooms. I know it.
And I love his hat.


I am filled with "jubliation" at your return to Blogland. And am actively seeking an opportunity to tell someone that my guess is preferable to theirs. That'll ROCK. But first, a little road trip to Georgia to stuff myself with German pastries and gossip with your sister. I've missed her, too...


Well played, Gramps.


Cute! I've missed pictures of your walk with your dog.


I bet he went home and told his Frau that the crazy American with dog chased him up the path...


Grandfather! Grandfather!

You're like Heidi, chasing after that old man.

(Only you're a real person living in a different country.)

And that old man would probably poke you in the head with his cane rather then embrace you in his grandfatherly arms.

Mr. Lush

Doens't "I'm Back" imply that you will actually post every once in a while? Just wondering....


Mr. Lush stole my comment.

But I know...I should talk...all right, that's it, I'm going to post something something right now.

I will dedicate it to Mr. Lush.



I just did.

Erin Sherman

Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and I think your writing is soooo great and funny!... and your photography happens to be stunning too!! glad to find you, whoever you are :)

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