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December 17, 2009



They are very cute I have to say.

And I would definitely blame your mother!


So cute! But all I see are things that need to be dusted.
I also blame my mother.
And I am so jealous that you get to enjoy the Christmas markets!


The Coffee Lady

Tell you what's freaky? The Littlest Latte has been looking at this over my shoulder (we are both at home ill). She got to the last photo and said "Mummy, it's a picture of you."


There's a fungus among us.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

It "stems" from your childhood. I think you're "capping" it off quite well as an adult.

Smalltown Mom

Now I have to put the tiny mushrooms on my tree, in your honor.


So, just red with white polka dots? No brown mushroom or green ones?
mmmmh, a case study.


They are all so charming!!


I like the way that Tex has agreed to dress like a mushroom too.


They look like fun-guys to be with. I'm so sorry, I was sent here by Alice and look what I did. An appalling joke. Still, consider it a cracker joke from me. Merry Christmas! Don't understand the mushroom compulsion but then I have a thing for knitted bears. Dog-eared, sad, limbless, they come home. It's woollen outreach.

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