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January 22, 2010


The Coffee Lady

You know, I don't think Ganymed was all that.


I'm with the coffee lady, Ganymed's legs are too short. Or his arms are too short. Of his other 'limb' isn't easy on the eye. Who knows? Either way, I think I could have resisted his charms.
Thanks for taking us to Zurich - Fraumunster is just as beautiful and I always thought it would be. I adore the turquoise spire!
And if you think those swiss bills are cool you should check out our money - you'd love it!


that fourth and final sister is more attractive than the others.


The fourth sister! Zurich! The joys in this post were never-ending. Can't wait to see Lucerne.



Everything tastes better with melted cheese poured over it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I swear, the Swiss can even make hangnails seem adorable.


You world traveller ...
HI big sis!
Raclette ... nom nom nom


Beautiful photos...looks like an amazing city and, even better, amazing food. I remember before the Euro how cool the German Mark was, each bill so colorful and with national scientists and artists on each one. Play money indeed!


My great-grandfather and his eleventy-seven brothers emigrated from Switzerland in the mid-19th century. There is a village in the Interlachen district named for our family. Someday I too will go there.


MWAH back and thanks for the dedication! Blushing madly. Though it may be because I've been to Zurich a gazillion times and have never been to the Swiss National Museum. Those sleds are super cool. I bet they'd zip down an alp faster than you can say yodelay-hee-hoo!!

Miz S

FOUR girls? I guess I'm a skimmah because I thought it was just you twins. Pretty pictures, Little Lush.


Oh, dang, I'm going to have to find that one post you did a zillion years ago where you and K were sitting on your mother's lap (in a vintage photo, that is, not as you were writing the least as far as I know...)...(just call me the Ellipsis Queen...)...because my point is that I'm thinking that your senior sister resembles your mother. In the smile department, anyway.

NOW who is the brilliant detective?!?!?

P.S. Beth was here!!! My idol was HERE, in THIS comment box!!!!!!!


On second thought, rummaging through your archives is too much work. Maybe you could just do a compare-and-contrast photo post and dedicate it to me. Since you're, like, into dedicating posts to people lately. HINT.


Great post with wonderful photos. Swiss money sure is colorful, much nicer than our drab bills.


Forgot to mention...we finally have our sweet Westie puppy Chloe home. She is a sweety, but I'm totally exhaused. It's like having another infant, and I'm getting to old for that. Can't wait till she becomes a teenager! I don't have a moments rest, and she loves to bite everything and everyone in sight. I think I'm in over my head...but she's still a cutie!

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