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January 24, 2010


kim at allconsuming

I can not tell you how seriously pissed off it makes me that you live somewhere so fucking beautiful all the goddamn time.

Jesus, just post some shots of a crappy 1960s industrial estate and put me out of my misery.


those buildings ROCK. I am tempted to take my paint can out on the roof and have to, much like Mr Plumbean. (You know The Big Orange Splot?)
I LOVE your vacation posts, so there.


also, am with Kim. and will add this: must you be so godddamn adorable? I have dimple envy.


I was in Lucerne in 1990 and feel so lucky that I got to see the bridge before it burned. Great photos.


I've never been to Switzerland so keep posting pictures as it's probably as close as I'll ever get.

Ruth Perras

Hello, yes, I paid attention. And we spent some time in Luzern. We used to vacation in Brienz, and on the rainy days would drive to Luzern and visit the Verkehrsmuseum with the kids. Lots of fond memories, thank you!


Mr. Marshal didn't offer the snappy commentary that you do. Wanna teach math?


Team Kim!

Also, thank you for the Swiss tour, it was delightful.


Dude. I luff the slideshow. Who knew there were so many overtly phallic towers in Switzerland? It's like penises on parade up in there! A sausage fest! And now I'm hungry for wurst on a stick.


When do we tour the Frigor factory?

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Oh wow, that lion is incredible. Beautiful tour. Thank you.


I can tell from my dwindling number of comments that my travelogue is boring the pants off people but I'm posting anyway. Someone's got to provide a counterpoint to all those interesting and witty blogs out there. I'm waving the flag!!
Lucerne looks lovely!
And who's the child rocking the orange stockings and pink coat? Awesome!


haha KIM!

I was completely hysterical watching Narnia: I'd be taken away for sedation if I looked at that LIon too long.


This is a rowdy bunch, isn't it?
If I had seen that terribly sad, DYING lion, my next stop would have been whatever the HELL they call a BAR IN LUCERNE.

Thank you for the tour - I thought you did a great job.


I loved the tour too - and especially those painted buildings.

I will go off and nurse my envy over some kind of chocolate..

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