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January 25, 2010


The Hausfrau

If it's any consolation, Mother Nature has the exact same hatred for me. The difference chez Fairytale Hausfrau is that the Husband and the Boy got to do the shoveling honors this morning, due to the 2-hour school delay. Hooray!


Mother N. may hate you, but she surely gave you some nice photography subjects.


And I second Kmkat all the way!


What do you mean Mother Nature hates you? Sounds super to me! K x


Nice shots for frozen fingers. Glad you ripping up those hills with your sled, much more fun without hordes I think!


I want more snow! I got in some awesome night sledding this past month. Nice to know I am not the only adult (and I use this term loosely : )) sledding out there...also, who ever would have guessed that beer after sledding is so awesome, as opposed to a child's hot cocoa?


Looks magical. Wise choice to balance the work with the play, you definitely earned the sledding time!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Drop a deuce. You slay me.
Glad you could sled on it. That's some gorgeous snow.


These are some of your best photos ever - that one with the curved bridge? And the pathway leading away through the snow?

Absolutely gorgeous!




deuce???..............ooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo......deuce!!! i got it!!!

sorry the doggy do is what i open was just so funny!!!

that you sledded on your own makes you my new hero!!!!

i am partial to the iron gate top with snow, altho i like your photography all the time and the fact that you fumble with a camera in freezing weather *with* gloves and get those shots and i try so hard and get crap....well, i accept that.....


as they say... if life give you lemons... make lemonade!

I think you're coping alright with the white stuff.

(I havent been sledging in years!!!!)

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