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January 13, 2010



Tex makes every shot look better. That's a nice job you did there.

The Coffee Lady

There's a mushroom in there, isn't there?


Ooooh, that's a very cool banner! I never would've thought of that! Very etsy-ish! You should make more. You should make ME some more. Where'd you get the little bird on the mushroom?

Teri Cole

Nice work!! brrr...I have no excuse not to take my wimpy but outside and exercise after seeing your photos!

Alice C

A blackbird! A mushroom! I love it - although the upside down numbers in the second row make me feel very uncomfortable.

kim at allconsuming

I really hope you know about Mimi Kirchner and her tiny worlds ... which include mushroom houses:


It's a necklace for your room!
I love it, you clever thing.
Have you read (Blue Mountains)Mary's post where she's joining (Magpie)Alice's photo thingy? (That doesn't make much sense but hopefully you'll stick with me). Your window photos would be perfect. I'm going to join in but I have no idea what to take a photo of. I seem to lacking picturesque german village vistas. Hm.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I like it. Makes me think of buttons.


I had to scroll back up to see the mushroom. How did I miss it? I should have known! K x

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