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May 12, 2010



Your pictures are amazing, ya know?
Let's go find some beer.


OK. Got it. Let's GO find some beer!

Ruth P.

Tomorrow you will pass close to where I'm from - say hello and have some beer.


I love how bb and Paola are one minute behind one another and totally on the same page. Awesome.


So gorgeous.

green girl in Wisconsin

Cher-many. Got it. I'm ready for a beer.


Cher-man beeeeeer.



Gosh I've been pronouncing everything all wrong all these years! K x

Natalia that landscape image with the clouds (near the top) real? It's stunning. I soooo miss Germany. You keep making me "second home"-sick!

Suburban Kamikaze

So much learning. I feel as if I have earned a passport stamp. Or at least a beer.



Those pics are AMAZING.
Sounds like you've been having some serious fun after your winter hibernation.


The aerial shots are making me feel like I need to blurp. Serious quease factor.

Or maybe it's just all that beer.


The colours in those photos - quite spectacular.

You're looking particularly adorable too!!


Man, if only all my German lessons had included beer. Think how much better I'd be able to speak it! Ja wohl!


Hilarious! I wish I had you as a tour guide when I first arrived in CHER-MAN-EEE


I ambled over here from Lynn's. These pictures - is it possible that Fo-toe-shop was used? The colours are brilliant. I do have a spot of vertigo now though.


I just discovered your blog and skimmed backwards to the beginning. I envy you your beautiful surroundings, your walks, and the quiet, not to mention the pastries.

Things I did not know about Germany:
1. The law that one must walk one's dog every day. Very good.
2. Pastry delivery to your door. Reminds me of the bakery, i.e. bread, truck that delivered bread when I was a child.
3. Rolling shutters.
4. Not having to rent the garage with the house.

Question: What happened to the antler chairs you were going to place at your dining room table?


I like your blog room. In fact, I like it so much I'm going to move in and refuse to leave, and then you'll have to evict me.

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