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May 04, 2010



Oh you look very sexy as an Irish hooligan! But as I scrolled down, my breath was completely GONE. What a scenery, the colours, the peace and quiet one can drink in from those shots. Baby sheeps, Irish Tex!
And BEER!!!
Welcome back to the quacks too ...

green girl in Wisconsin

I tell you, between the beer and the scenery, Ireland exceeded everything wonderful in this world--even sex. Seriously.


That shot of the small ruin on the hill with rocks in the foreground and water and mountains in the far background? My new wallpaper. Thanks!

The Coffee Lady

That's Temple Bar, isn't it. Sniff. I miss Temple Bar. Having spent four days there, it is burned into my very soul.


Dude, that scenery is RIDICULOUS. I refuse to believe it's real. Okay, it probably is. But damn.


Hello hooligan!
Great photos, E. Mr Duyvken is due to fly to N.Ireland next week for his brother's wedding, if all goes well with volcanoes and prevailing winds.


Just what are you going to do with these gorgeous photos? Hmmmm?

Blurb? sell some prints on Red Bubble? Etsy?

Just sayin'



Those scenery photos are fake. I dare you to prove that they're not. Nothing like that actually exists on the planet. Of course, people tend to say that about the many glorious portraits of me, too, come to think of it. And you as the Lord of the Dance. Oh wait - that really was fake. Oops.

(Most enjoyable travelogue. Gimme more.)

P.S. Where's Beth?


Wow those are some spectacular photos. Looking forward to Dublin! K x

enginered hardwood floors

I know for a fact that Ireland is a beautiful country but seeing those photos, It's magnificent!

Miz S

Josh and I were mulling over the idea of a trip to Ireland for our anniversary. Plan it for me, please. I'm much to busy to do it myself.


Oh dear. My dream of dreams is take my family and inhabit Ireland as you and yours inhabit Germany. I may not have a choice now... it is gnawing at my guts.

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