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August 26, 2010


Soft Rock Mama

Hip hip hooray! Eurolush is back.
I'm so excited about the throw down between you and Eleanor. Can't wait to hear her sing Bob Marley.

Is your Hawkman always shirtless? Talons and bare skin seem quite brave.

Looking forward to your updates.

Scented Sweetpeas

Now come on, I thought bloggers were good at sharing :-) Looks like he has eyes for another bird lol.

Alice C

Omigoodness...having you back doing your schtick makes the end of summer almost bearable.


Welcome back - and what a way to come back!


The awesomeness of this... ALL of this... cannot be fully appreciated in the comment box. But, YO. Awesomely awesome!
Welcome back, Eurolush.

You've thrown down the gauntlet. Now it is time for Eleanor to take a bow and recede into the curtains... For there is no contest... there is only HAWK MAN!


The Coffee Lady

Ah. Still bonkers, then.

Soft Rock Mama

Hahahaha, Coffee lady!!
That's funny.


Welcome back!

(If he's YOUR Hawkman, can you ask him to put a shirt on?)


Nice, um, pants.

Welcome back. Can't wait to read what you got up to this summer.


Yay! You came back and you brought some freaky home with you! Can't wait for the updates!


I was beginning to think you had forsaken us. Forsooth. (Or something).

Alysha in Seattle

So glad you're back!
As glad as Frau Muller, who must be elated to finally be able to off load all the excess inventory of pastries she found herself with this summer.

Suburban Kamikaze

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but Hawkman and I are engaged. He's not really my type but after you moved in on Popeye what choice did I have?



So interesting how Eleanor has been as silent as a churchmouse since these pictures of you and Hawkman surfaced. Sister-Girl is somewhere out there in Aussieland licking her wounds...


Commentboxes full of love for Eurolush, oh my isn't she funny, isn't that just hysterical, so great to have the treasured blogger back online, so witty and beautiful that she makes the end of summer bloom like spring.

This is not a GAME, people.

This is WAR.

When you take sides (B!) it is not "amusing".

Let the battle begin.



Yay! Welcome back E. Can't wait to read more about Hawkman, Frau Muller and the other neighbourhood peeps.


Eleanor Fussy Face,

Yes, she's a whore, we all know that. I mean call a spade a spade. But she's a whore with a shirtless, raptor-bearing man STANDING RIGHT OUTSIDE HER KITCHEN WINDOW! This man is practically begging for some EuroLove.
You, on the other hand, have only some boxing kangaroo in your yard.
It's sad really.
Game to Eurolush. Next?


Goodness. He has forgotten to put his top on.


Welcome back, Lushie! I have missed you. Don't let that nasty hawk/falcon/overgrown wren mess with you!


I love Germany, too, hence I am drawn to your blog via Fifi.

Great Hawkman, here a birdman of note. I shall visit again to explore the German connection.

green girl in wisconsin

Your Hawkman is quite impressive--now I have to ask if he's cousins with my buddy Mr. Clean.

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