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August 30, 2010



Jealous. Happy. Happy. Jealous.


Welcome back!! Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all, and how was the rest of your summer?


What Mary said.



Your smiles show the happiness of that weekend. Bb too, yellow beek and all!

green girl in wisconsin

Oh how divine! Cupcakes AND lunch with blackbird? IN NYC? You do lead a charmed life, Lady Eurolush.

The Coffee Lady



bb is much more... pointed than I imagined her to be.


Blackbird comes highly reccomended, Jen Lancaster has mentioned her too. You keep good company Eurolush! It's good to have you back and blogging in Cher-man-eee!


I like BB's eyeliner.


Yay! That looks so fabulous, E! Just what a girl needs to sustain her through another chilly german winter. Although, I have to warn you, I am totally coming next time.

Eleanor the corners of my mind....misty water-coloured meh........moreeeees.

Of the way.

We were.




What fun! I'm guessing that, for BB's safety, you left Tex at home.

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Wanting to work on more Stitch Imagery projects may motivate me to unpack my things in a timely manner. We used a photo, copied the oasdfutlines from it onto watercolor paper (using the pencil rubbing technique many of us learned in elementary school), watercolored the drawing, free form stitched on the water color paper, made a copy on fabric of the imafe, and then painted, stamped, embellished and sewed some more. I was in Heaven!

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