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September 02, 2010



where where where is the last shot from??? stunning.


Might that be an upcoming trip to Norway? That looks like a fjord to me.




If it wasn't all rainy and misty here that is exactly what I would do. Find a patch of sun to drowse in...


Beautiful quilts in the pictures.


That looks very much like New Zealand....but I am sure it isnt.
What beautiful pictures!


Well, we have ourselves our very first drizzling after a WHOLE summer of sun, so I guess I'll soak in the raindrops (which by the way are already goin away...) instead.
The reading gnome is too cute.


Gnomes! With books!
We're going to Malaysia and Borneo soon and I am fighting a growing sense of dread as I try to book accomodation and have to explain over and over that we have 4 children and yes, they're all ours. Accomodation for 6 seems to be quite a niche market. I hope you're having better luck with your travel plans!!


OMG...Thank goodness you are back...I missed you...!

green girl in wisconsin

What wonderful finds--the linen AND the gnomes. I'm in seventh heaven--all 3 boys in school all day for the first time in history. I may nap. I may drink tea. I may skip through the prairie. So. Many. Choices. So much freedom.

Alysha in Seattle

What a totally adorable photo of you and your Mom.

The Hausfrau

Gnome + book + mushroom=jealous. Can't help it. Love the runner, too.


Yay! You're back!! I've missed your funny and pix!! :)

I love the gnomes!! I think the fact that your husband was thinking of you while you were gone is the most charming part!! :)

Welcome home to you and Tex!!


What's up with nobody mentioning how adorable your mom is?? Stunning! And talented!

(Nice fjord action, too.)


Such a cute gnome, and Tex...well you know I adore him. I worship Westies!


You have a very nice blog. I love the pictures especially the last one. I lived in Germnay for about 2 years. It is beautiful!


The Coffee Lady

Mr Lush went to the fleamarket without you? Isn't that like a betrayal?


Where was the last picture taken? Tell me now or I'll throw pies at you.

No idea why I'll throw pies at you, it was the first thing that came into my head. Be thankful I didn't say spanners. Or cats.

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