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September 24, 2010



I see you have a nice little assortment of mushrooms on your desk. Good. A desk is not a not a desk without mushrooms.

The Hausfrau

Gee, thanks a lot. A mushroom wreath? Like anyone else could compete with that!


I spotted my first hedgehog last month and nearly chased him down the road. I think I read Mrs Tiggywinkle a few too many times as a child. Goll darn they are even cuter in person though.

Scented Sweetpeas

I love your hedgehog, mushroom door display! I also loved the last image, hedgehog & cupcake but were is the mushroom - it would have made it perfecto :-)

green girl in wisconsin

Honestly never gave the common hedgehog much thought until you started featuring them on your blog. They are wicked cute. Cuter than tattoos and knives.


LOL E. I wanna see the video of you climbing up on to the haystack.


Amelia beat me. I thought the very same thing ... It's a darn lovely photo though.


Yes, did you do one of your signature flying leaps? And if so, how did you keep the bale from rolling away like the runaway pancake? Need footage.

And as much as I adore hedgehogs, that one is a bit too close to the cupcake. (Was he/she helping to put that jigsaw puzzle together? So many questions.)


I like the subtlety of your wreath - the mushrooms are practically hidden, what's not to like! But best of all, I like the Spanish moss. Did you bring it back with you?


That is an albino hedgehog. It is smiling. My day is made.

Miz S

The German farmers don't mind when you tramp through their fields and climb all over their hay bales? What a gracious people they are. Well, except for their unfortunate historical past.

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