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September 17, 2010



My roof looks like that. My clothes look like that.

Maybe I need to get out more.


What amazing pictures.


That deal the sculpter made?
Absolute genius!
(I wonder if I could swing a deal like that over here? I can knit and make quilts....)


Brilliant photos, E! Absolutely brilliant.

Now I must run. I have 6 dogs in my house this weekend.

I am a crazy person.


Those re-enactor children clearly are on valium or similar. My children look more like the Coffee Lady cranky baby sculpture. As do I. And what are those naked people looking at in their tight cluster?

P.S. That last photo reminds me uncomfortably of Astrid and Veronika...


DUDE! My friend Karla the Texpatriate lives in Oslo! I totally would have hooked you guys up if I'd known you were going there.


The beauty, the photos, the envy.


Lovely! What a divine holiday. Those sculptures are fabulous.


Oh I miss Norway. I was exchange student near Oslo in high school and haven't been back since college. Sigh. But I still have loads and loads of pictures from Frogner Park!

The Coffee Lady

Is this how it's going to go for a while? Pictures of some buildings, then your lunch, then you looking loopy (with or without glass of booze), and then scenery? Just checking. Just. Checking.

green girl in wisconsin

The cranky baby would make me annoyed to look at, but the rest? So nice. Even your likeness in the fountain--your likeness with a home perm.

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Impressive blog! -Arron

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