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September 15, 2010


The Hausfrau

Yeah, Bernkastel + wine=real downer. The things one must do--I feel bad for you. We thought about going but didn't--weren't in the mood to deal with crowds. But we could have almost run into each other again!


oh poor you! what hardship you must endure for the common good.

I can see that a little wine tasting does wonder for your fluency in German!!!

green girl in wisconsin

Such trauma to be in such a plain, boring place with that unremarkable cardigan and dress to wear. Tragic, really.


That was plain awful to simply look at! Let alone be there and don fake smiles. What you must endure ...


Oh you poor dear!! I don't know how you endure such hardships! Tragic, really. Well, make the most of it and try to keep up the facade for the children. I mean your children not the confused ones with the sticks...they are apparently already too far gone.....;)


You poor, poor dear. I do hope you have fully recovered. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised you would expose all of us to such ugliness.


The citizens of those towns must wake every day cursing their fate in having to live in such dreary surroundings


You're so adorable Lushy, you should be the Wine Festival's official spokesperson. "Drink this wine and you too can look this cute" would be the motto.


Shame you couldn't find somewhere pretty to take pictures.

Where is that last building? I think I've been there and have a picture just like that somewhere.


That building in the last picture is making me verrrry nerrrrvous. It looks as if it might have had a bit too much Wine Fest wine itself...

Alysha in Seattle

You do suffer, don't you...

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