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September 21, 2010


The Coffee Lady

No pictures of your lunch. This post sucks.

green girl in wisconsin

Magnificent. The cottage and the fjords.


I'm breathless.
Could be the altitude.


How lovely. And somehow, oddly, made me really want to watch Lord of the Rings... wrong continent, but definitely has that otherworldly look.


Yawn, I guess that's an OK way to spend an afternoon.


Right purty, Gertie.

You got room in that thar little red house for me???


When you're ready to give up your citizenship, I'll grab it!
Enchanting places in Norway, I can see why they say trolls come from there.


Maybe Lynn and I could share the guest room?!

My family actually emigrated to America from a little town on the Sognefjord--not that this should give me dibs of the guest room or anything...!

K x


Well, I guess if you're into mountains and fresh air and that sort of thing. How you went to Norway and didn't visit Dale headquarters to steal the secret stash of knitting patterns they hide from the rest of us THAT I KNOW ARE IN THERE is completely beyond me.

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