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October 04, 2010



I cannot believe those mushrooms. They seem fake. You must have put them there ... they are so cute just like the ones you would see in a cartoon!
Gorgeous shots K!


Those cupcakes make me thirsty for Pepsi.


You mean there are REAL MUSHROOMS that look like that? No, cannot be. You posed them in the forest just to mess with us.


I didn't know mushrooms could really look like that! I thought they only looked that way in fairy tale books.

K x


Those cupcakes are the result of several hours at Trafo beforehand. Not a whole lot of attention to detail, I'll admit. However, I will tell you they are made with buttermilk and have whipped frosting on top. These were made for a cross-country meet...hence, the school colors. (I made 72 cupcakes in one night!*)

*Powered by...German beer.

Alice C

(have you always had this 'issue'? how did I not notice?)

Miz S

Look at you with your youthful, daisy-fresh skin and your arms laden with cupcakes. Will you marry me?

green girl in wisconsin

Cupcakes and mushrooms--but never together, right?
Trees are always good, too.


those mushrooms look so yummy, I want to eat them.

Soft Rock Mama

Perfect mushroom photos!
The colors are so brilliant

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