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October 27, 2010


Alice C

Hay Bales!!
Cute Dogs!!
You know how to make my heart race.


I followed your link from Mary (Beauty amongst the weeds) and I'm so very glad I did! Your photographs are gorgeous.

green girl in wisconsin

Frost on leaves is one of my favorite things to find. Pure artistry.

Scented Sweetpeas

Lovely photos and you little dog and his beard are just soo cute!


Just coming here makes me happy...


Oh that Tex. He makes my heart happy.

Cheers, E!


Uh-oh. I'm steeling myself for the Belle Dame Sans Merci Avec Café post...


P.S. These doilies next to the comments are causing me mental anguish. Having spent weeks sorting through my grandmother's linens, I never want to see a crocheted doily again. Ever.

I'll be in touch after the Mother of All Garage Sales. To sell all of MY crap in order to make room for HERS. Heaven help us all.


Whenever I see your beautiful photos of frost and snow I wish we got some of that where we live. Then I remember that means COLD and I come to my senses.


The frost pictures are amazing. But completely in love with Tex in the sun! K x


Tex has reminded me - I need to pluck my chin.

Lovely frostiness.

The Hausfrau

Tex! Tex! And the bird feeder! Ha!


That dog of yours' expressions are priceless.
Gorgeous frost shots!


Oh, my. This is gorgeous.

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