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November 22, 2010



Come to Tuvalu on Friday!
We have no one to cook for, it will be perfect!


Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

Happy travels. Can't wait to see the photos.



I'm in love with your pumpkin candles. I must remember this for next year! Or maybe this year, if I can manage to find free time between the pies and all.


Photos are so inviting! Even with ghost(s)! Cozy, elegant, detailed as usual.
No one celebrates Thanksgiving here ... what a SHAME, but I ordered my leg of turkey and will make a pumpkin or carrot dessert in the hope to recreate the spirit.
Happy THanksgiving to you all!


Because Thanksgiving is all about being mysterious and sexy, I find.

And bloated, sulky and full of dread.

Alice C

Just checking in to see what delicious home decor ideas I can plagiarise. I see that I need TWO church candles with hazelnuts AND multiple hurricane lamps. I am on the case.

Happy Thanksgiving to my favourite German Americans. Travel safely.


Happy thanksgiving oh talented ghost...can't wait to hear all about Rome and to see your beautiful photos....


Happy Thanksgiving from California!!Your table looks beautiful.I am up early to start cooking before being bombarded with hungry college kids.
Love it!


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I'd never really thought of Thanksgiving as sexy before...

K x

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