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December 19, 2010



Wow, wow! These photos are beautiful! Way better than that Ireland crap you churned out. Blech.


Beautiful photos E! Thanks for taking me to Rome.


As an art history major who has never been to Italy or France, I LOVED this post. OMG, the masterpieces you have now seen! Although I can't help remembering that all that Renaissance magnificence was funded by indulgences sold to the rich and that it triggered the Reformation and all the subsequent wars and strife, etc., etc., etc. But still, wow, gorgeous.

The Victor Emmanual monument does not seem to me to fit with the rest, stylistically -- at first glance I thought it was German, maybe the Brandenburg Gate. It has a sense of heaviness, of militarism, quite out of tune with the graceful Renaissance bits. (I guess I absorbed more of the sense of various historical styles than I thought I did.)

Thanks for sharing your Rome with us :)



You're right about the Victor Emmanuel's actually loathed by the locals. It is pretty awe-inspiring to see--in a sort of Wizard of Oz fashion. Apparently the white marble it's made of is notoriously hard to keep clean. Romans see it as a waste of money and an eye-sore. I liked to imagine there was some sort of evil emperor-overlord living up there. It does have that feel to it.

Art history was my favorite class in college...though I was an international relations major. I still have my textbook.

One masterpiece I couldn't photograph was the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo...astounding. Though, it was tempered a bit by the Roman guard continuously yelling, 'NO CAMERA!' to all the tourists. I think he got some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.


If you allow me I'll tell you something not everyone knows which I found out after naming my son Brizio.
The S. Brizio Chapel which is inside the Duomo of Orvieto in Umbria, is what inspired Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel. It's a gem, gorgeous in its small vaults completely filled with affrescos.
I am glad you enjoyed Roma, it IS a wonderful city breathing history and beauty.

The Coffee Lady

That Trevi fountain, though, it's a crush. You have to stand right up to it. Like someone dropped it into a tiny space in a precinct by helicopter.


Oh it all looks amazing! I thought I was the only art major never to have made it to Italy, but I see in the comments I'm not alone. One of these days. But will have to get the names of all the best gelato places from you first!

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