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December 20, 2010


The Coffee Lady

Christ. Not Lynn as well.


I adore your mushroom addiction.


Your irrational obsession with mushrooms is one of my favourite things about you. That and your ability to make me laugh several times as I read your posts.

Oh, and the way you understand that cupcakes are a serious topic of discussion.

And I like your hair too, and your general style.

I also like your family.

Your Christmas decorations make me so happy, especially the little birdies with their Mama.

All righty then, that's all for the moment xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Where on earth did Lynn find that picture?! And now I'm thinking my tree really needs some mushrooms...

K x

Alysha in Seattle

Mushrooms, snow, adorable Christmas decorations -I'm now in the holiday spirit.


I think we need to observe a moment of silence for the poor little fallen mushroom.

Except I'm laughing too hard at CL's comment.


Hard to believe, but someone just sent our family a big box of mushrooms for Christmas, straight from the Mushroom Capital of the World, which is right up the road from here. The perfect present, perhaps?! I wish you happiness, good health and many more shrooms in the new year, Eurolush. Merry Christmas!

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