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December 09, 2010



Always gorgeous, that house of yours. Can't wait to see what you've been up to while in Rome ...
And I LURVE the bedroom you prepared for your sister K, and THE VIEW!!!


Your house looks fab as always, tree or no tree. Hope you have a super visit with K. And if not, I'll move into the guestroom--it looks so inviting!

K x


Orchids in the guest room window, perfect! I'll be there tomorrow.

The Coffee Lady

God, it looks cosy. I was almost envious. And then I remembered the gnomes.


Pretty, pretty! So that's a tree stand? Will cute German wonders never cease?!

Hope your sister got in okay. Was Tex attempting to sleep off his port hangover?


Oops--Tex hadn't consumed his port nightcap yet. I got things a bit out of sequence--that's what I get for reading four posts in a row...

green girl in wisconsin

Enjoy your visit. Your house looks positively picture perfect.


Your home is so pretty!!! I can't believe it's been over a year I've been reading your blog!! You see I made some of those Happy Holiday decorations you have on the blackboard for gifts last year!!! I hope your visit with your sister is wonderful and affords you some Glutwein...did I spell that right?? :)

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