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January 10, 2011


Suburban Kamikaze

Daily or not, yours is the only Leberknoedelsuppe blog I read.



Mmmm, Bavaria looked very good until you showed me the liver ball soup.
Might have to rethink future travel plans.
But those blog tips are WINNERS. I'm pretty good at keeping readership down myself. Maybe we should get together a write a book.
And self-publish.
And sell exclusively through our blogs.
A winning idea no doubt!


Liverball soup? Ugh. Might be okay without the liver part. Or if it had enough mushrooms.


I think that knoedel would be delicious if you spread it onto the rye bread. A little sweet pickle on the side wouldn't hurt.


45 minutes to get down?!!!

Alice C

You underestimate the seductive powers of your mushroomy madness.

green girl in wisconsin

Oh, that looks disgusting. The soup, not the mountaintop view of the snowy trees.


The store where I work already has spring and summer items displayed. Know what that means? MUSHROOMS. Every time I see them, I think of you.


I was waiting for this post, since I knew ...
Snow is FANTASTIC. You look adorable as usual. How do you do that???
The sledding can be amazing up there but I couldn't enjoy it as I fell 10 days before leaving Positano. On my knees, and I hurt myself quite a bit. Too much weight. So all I did up there was walk 20 km per day, in the snow, by myself.
And I LOVED it.


What a super idea. The idea of skiing scares the bejesus out of me, but I'd love to go sledding! Might give the soup a miss though...

K x

Matthew Leanna

Actually, only some readers would consider dropping their chosen bloggers for that reason. They are drawn in by more than just the frequency of your posts. There's also you, your style, and what you generally have to offer - an experience that can only be enjoyed in your voice.

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