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February 27, 2011



Ah, München! I've always wanted to go there. As I read this, I was singing a rousing rendition of "Im Himmel gibt's kein Bier" while the boy child accompanied me on tuba. And we were both wearing lederhosen. Zum wohl!


I'm sorry but I have to mention that, for me, THAT beer would equal at least 4 trips to the ladies room.
I'd be having fun though!


It is a little-known fact that "München" actually means "mushroom". How do I know? It is a family secret, but I feel certain that you needed to know this.

You can repay me in beer, m'kay?


Ah, yes, but do they have cupcakes?

E x


I totally failed to photograph the sights inside (and that sign!!) when we were there oh so many years ago. I must have been distracted by my nursing baby, my own hunger (kartoffelpuree, be still my heart), and the glorious beer I was drinking. I did take a picture of the baby next to the beer... it was nearly as big as him!


1988, I was 18. I still remember how drunk I felt after drinking one of those beers!

green girl in wisconsin

You've found your people! Beer and mushroom people! Eurolush, I'm amazed you surfaced long enough to tell us!


LOL @ Bb ...
So this is why we haven't heard from you much. You're still living your dream, uh?

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