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February 01, 2011



Welcome back, cupcake. I'm so sleepy I just typed "Welcome baby cucake!"

I love the pictures. They make me wish I was there with you right now, only not THAT cold. That was really, really cold. As snow can sometimes be.


Gaspingly beautiful fairy tale houses. And, may I say, much classier-looking than the replicas in Huntington Beach, California's "Old World Village," where I served up bauernfruhstuck in my dirndl back in 1988.


What is this "real world" of which you speak? I do not comprehend.

The photographer take more photo...I like it!


Me like author writing too. But me not understand how one town can have enough fine artistes to keep those houses painted so spiffy-like. Is it just one really busy person?

green girl in wisconsin

Wow. That is the prettiest place in the known universe.

The Coffee Lady

I don't like the look of that wolf.


I just saw a travel show about Oberammergau! Well, not JUST. I'm at work now. But I'm commenting anyway. You don't know my boss, do you?

Suburban Kamikaze

I see a new hat in my future. Unless you already have one? In which case I could call you before I wear it just to be sure we don't end up looking foolish at some posh blogging event.



Oooh my mum and dad came soooo close to going to the Oberammagau play in 2000. I forget why they cancelled. They even had the tickets and all.

Maybe I'll get there in 2020.

It looks cold though. They do it in summer don't they? (*crosses fingers*)


You know, ages ago my brother went there BUT never told me how gorgeous it is!
SO thank you.
Re cold. WHY oh WHY would you wear jeans on the snow????!



Why, indeed! We wear jeans in the show because we are American and Americans love their jeans. Even in the snow. Actually, we had super fantastic long underwear underneath them and thick socks, but still.... cold.
Besides, snow pants make my butt look big. See sledding photos.


I have my theory about that on the snow.
Snow pants keep my butt warm and that's all that matters!
But I understand, you're young and still care about what people think about you ...


Eurolush told me your butt was just spectacular, even in snow pants.


Like. (I want murals painted on my house.)

Just Plain Jane

That was so wonderful. Thanks for taking us along. In 1990, we went on an antique toy tour in Europe and the bus drove through..........THROUGH......not stopping once..........Oberammergau. My head swiveled on my neck and I vowed I'd be back. Enough time has passed that I have to admit that it's not gonna happen, but the memory is vivid and you've helped keep it that way .


Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these gorgeous images. I never, ever tire of your trip photos. Never will.

Now back to enjoy then again. And to bookmark in my "escape" file.


Oops! Almost forgot to mention the mushrooms. You sure know how to drive me crazy - seeing them and not being able to take at least ten home with me!


Lovely pictures!

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