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February 28, 2011



Two things.
1: I will be in the Netherlands in April so I don't think I can swing Germany in May.
B: I'm not clear on why toothless you cannot blog from Northern California.

Other than that, I luff you madly.


Yeah, what?! You won't be blogging from northern California?! Because much like the entire country of Germany, I have never been to northern California, either. Here I was, thinking I'd get a Eurolush tour of NorCal, that there would be something in this for ME. Huh. Well. I'm going to need time to process this.


I'll be there, if you'll have me! But oh, I can't believe you're leaving so soon! And wait, are you saying you won't be starting another blog when you get to Cali? Say it ain't so!


Oh you don't know how I envy you moving back to America. Are you sure you can't start a Northern California blog? Then again, pictures and stories from California would probably only make my homesickness worse!

And I'm definitely up for a BlogEur--but you didn't mention pastries--there must be pasties!

K x

green girl in wisconsin

No wonder you feel wretched--I'd hate to leave such a beautiful place. I'm sad just thinking about YOU leaving it.


There is NO WAY you are leaving AND shutting your blog down.
It's unacceptable.

Give me some time to work on this, I can't seem to digest even reading it ...


Let's just call it like it is:
You will miss Germany, because
1) Beer and
2) Pastry wagon

Can't wait for CreateCalifornia.
Remember: No matter where you go - there you are!*

*wisdom from Buckaroo Bonzai, a great cult film.


My heart aches for you leaving Germany because it means THIS BLOG WILL END! WTF? No more Lushie to read? What, there is no beer (or wine) in northern California? Please, please, please start a new blog for the next stage of your life, or I will throw the world's biggest temper tantrum myself.

Alice C


(that's me, speechless)

...tiny sob...

(I will cope but I am not sure how)


Drama Queen.

You will continue blogging even if I have to personally fly to your new home and camp on your doorstep until you do.


Well. Looks like we all have the same point to make.

What say ye?


Oh, wow. How I will miss all the lovely images. But you know, as a Californian myself, there are plenty of wonderful photo opportunities you can share with your loyal audience. Here's hoping!


I am most definitely with Eleanor ...I know that I will be just as fascinated by no/cal through your eyes/lens as I have been by Germany .


I just need a minute to digest that.
No more Lushie?
No more Tex?
No more beautiful photos?
You'd better make the last 3mths good, honey.
I hope Eleanor can talk you into continuing to blog when you are in Nth California.


Don't you DARE stop blogging.

Do you hear?

Allison King

Eurolush, I will miss the pictures of what was once my tiny village in Germany. I love that every now and then my old German house next to the church makes it into your blog. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. The one picture I did not get before I left Germany was of the gentleman who walks his Geman Shepard each morning on the main street past the Trafo. If you see him and your camera is handy could you snap me a picture. I waved to him each morning for 4 1/2 years. Funny the things I miss.
P.S. Have fun at Homburg, how I miss that flea market! Allison


You have no idea how much I miss Germany, how much I have enjoyed your photos and prose about this beloved country and its people and dogs. So in the meantime I will continue to visit your blog and ooh and ahh and reminisce (even about the things I never got to do, as the perpetually pregnant or nursing mama).


bb: I luff you madly, too.

Kathy: With enough glasses of wine, I can be talked into just about anything.

Hausfrau: Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean we can't keep exchanging books--which has been so much fun. You are my best reading buddy! PS-Let's get together before it go!

Kristina: There will be pastries. I promise. Come join us. And, really, I would've given my left arm to move to England and be your neighbor. Is that too much? Maybe I should have said my left eyebrow.

Green Girl: You're making it worse. But I still love you.

Paola: The thought of not returning to Positano has just entered my mind. Now I'm in a deep depression. No more tomatoes and eggplant from your garden? Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

MsCellenia: What you say is true. I will miss beer and pastries the most.

kmkat: I am waiting to see your temper tantrum so that I can compare the two. I'm afraid mine will still trump yours. Wine does help. I mean, it will help the transition.

Alice C: Just be glad I'll be too far to come back for more tours of English royal palaces and courts. You were the best tour guide--as was MissM.

Eleanor: I have no doubt you would follow through with your threat to camp out on my door step. Please bring cupcakes.

bb: I say...maybe. And also, I luff you even more now. Is that possible?

Natalie: I love California. It's nice to know you're there, too. I'll wave when I arrive.

Mary: Aw, you're the best. Your photography puts everything I post to shame, of course.

Amelia: Hello New Mama! Tell Billy I'm his greatest fan. Also, congrats again! I'm in awe!

Suse: Okay. Please don't sic your new cat on me.

Allison: Hi! I miss seeing you at Homburg. Is the man you waved to the owner of "Anja?" The only German Shepherds in the village are Anja, Lyca and Rex. Did he have a moustache? Will I have to take photos of all the German Shepherd owners now? That could be awkward. I'll see what I can do. PS-How do I know the names of all the dogs in my village? Because, apparently, I have a lot of time on my hands.

kcinnova: I will take photos with you in mind. Any requests?

ALL: You are the best. Send beer.

Alysha in Seattle

Noooooooooooooooooo! I need to laugh in the morning - and I start here!!!! I'm pouting in the corner of your blog.


What?! Quitter! I can personally vouch for there being tons of things to complain about and photograph in Northern California. Maybe fewer pastries, but there are always "It's It!" If you don't know hwat those are, you will soon.


How do I miss these things? I 20th the resolution that you don't quit. And if you won't come to view the gleaming spires of Prague (and golden glasses of beer) I might just have to head over to your side of the Black Forest.

Suburban Kamikaze

I don't want to live in an Internet without Eurolush in it.

"I will look around one day and say --in a voice a little too loud and slightly accusatory--'Where did all these beer glasses come from?' Life must go on."

Do you think we just come here for beer and pastry? I don't even like pastry.



What SK said.

The Coffee Lady

We've already discussed this.

Just Plain Jane

No, say it's not so, the part about not blogging.
The Northern California part is bearable (although I've so enjoyed village life in Germany). I fear you'll be able to resist blogging for I've survived at least 2 summers with no word from your world.

Well, we have 3 more months to enjoy. And maybe you'll change your mind.
Warm regards,

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